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Wireless Internet Service Provider FAQ 

Q. How can I move up to an even faster connection?

  • We allow very flexible upgrades to speed. You can upgrade your download and upload speeds separately to better meet your needs. If you need faster downloads, we offer this at a great price. If upload is more important for you, you can upgrade that separately without having to buy into a faster download tier.

  • Maximum flexibility puts us way ahead of all other ISP.

  • Contact Us to upgrade your account.

Q. How much does each download speed tier cost?

  • Basic Service $19.99 / Month -- (3.0 Mbps Service) *

  • Basic Plus $22.99 / Month -- (4.0 Mbps Service)

  • Standard $25.99 / Month -- (5.0 Mbps Service)

  • Performance $28.99 / Month -- (6.0 Mbps Service)

  • Primo $31.99 / Month -- (7.0 Mbps Service)

  • Parlous $34.99 / Month -- (8.0 Mbps Service)

  • Maximum $37.99 / Month -- (9.0 Mbps Service)

  • Maximum Plus $40.99 / Month -- (10.0 Mbps Service)


Q. How much does each upload speed tier cost?

  • Upload Tier 1 -- (Included with all services - Base 200 kbps) *

  • Upload Tier 2 - (350 kbps  $1.00 / Month)

  • Upload Tier 3 - (500 kbps  $2.00 / Month)

  • Upload Tier 4 - (750 kbps  $4.00 / Month)

  • Upload Tier 5 - (1000 kbps $8.00 / Month)

  • Upload Tier 6 - (2000 kbps $16.00 / Month)

  • Upload Tier 7 - (3000 kbps $32.00 / Month)

  • Upload Tier 8 - (4000 kbps $64.00 / Month)

  • Upload Tier 9 - (5000 kbps $128.00 / Month)


Q. How many people in my household can use the service at once?

  • There is no (practical) limit to how many people within your household that can be on the service at the same time.

Q. How much does it cost for service installation?

  • There is a $149.00 one time fee for service installation. If you already have a wifi router or don't need wifi access, then the installation cost becomes a $129.00 one time fee because additional equipment will not be necessary to install.

  • If customer misses 2 or more installation appointments, customer must pay for installation first before another installation appointment is made.

Q. Are there any long term contracts (years) that I have to sign?

  • No long term contracts; the only paperwork you sign is your agreement to pay the service from month to month. You can cancel anytime without any penalty or ETF (Early Termination Fees). That's how confident we are you will be fully satisfied with our service.

Q. What does my computer need to work with the service?

  • Ethernet Port, you can wire your computer into our radio device    OR

  • Wi-fi (Wireless Internet) capability of either the 'B' or 'G' or 'N' channels if you use our wi-fi equipment

Q. Do you filter ports, block certain services (P2P, IM, etc) or do anything else weird/annoying to the service?

  • No, we allow you full access to the Internet; but technically all of our customers stay behind a firewall for security reasons due to the nature of how wireless Internet works. For those very technical people, we will gladly work with them to help any programs or applications they use work properly with our service such as P2P, IM, Games, etc.

Q. Can I get a static IP address?

  • Yes, each static IP is only $5.00 extra per month. If you are a power user or just want to run your own servers, then this is for you.



* All speed packages are best effort up to speeds

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